Monday, 15 August 2016

Savvy by DB

So, my journey around the #Savvy by #DB #nail #polish or as they call it #enamel world continues – next stop, #SantaFe

I have to say, this has become my new #favorite colour. It’s a stunningly beautiful, deep, midnight (?) blue, with a gorgeous #shine to it. I #love it – so much so, I actually kept it on for five days! Normally I change my #naillpolish every couple of days but I was reluctant to take #SantaFe off – and they’re not kidding about this stuff being #LongLasting . I reckon I could have kept it on for another five days and still there would be no chipping, flaking or fading. It’s nice to find a company that understands the definition of long lasting!

As with the other two I’ve tried in the range this polish goes on extremely well. You do need two coats – or three thin coats to get an #opaque coverage. I want to use this as part of some nail art – I’m thinking of doing a #JacksonPollack inspired nail, I think this blue would work really well.

Next #colour in the #duo is #Melbourne (my hometown, BTW)!!! Would I recommend this polish? #Yes #noquestionaboutit

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