Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Savvy by DB

For my birthday earlier this year one of my nieces got me loads of #savvy #nailpolish by #DB ( #designerbrands ). Admittedly, this isn't a brand I've tried before because I've always viewed it as being not very good - it's $5 for a pack of two. I held the opinion cheap in price cheap in quality. No offence to my niece!

However, I can admit when I'm wrong. And I was wrong about this polish. Big time. This particular pack (I have 6 others - still to swatch those) came with a #gorgeous #red - called #Paris and a #stunning #grey - called #Kathmandu - I'll post about the grey tomorrow and is from their #LongLasting #Collection

I applied two coats of #Paris - but really you could get away with one thick coat. The #polish is #fastdrying and is a cross between a #gel and a #creme The #brush is a perfect size and I noticed it was slightly angled for easy application. And it dries extremely #glossy - for this swatch I didn't apply a top coat. However, I would apply one if you're going to wear it longer than ten minutes.

Would I recommend Paris by Savvy by DB? Yes. It's a great polish for a great price.

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