Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Savvy by DB

OK. So, yesterday I posted about #Paris from #savvy #nailpolish by #DB – today it’s Paris’ twin, #Kathmandu

The polishes are from the #LongLasting #collection and come in a pack of two. The pack retails for $5 – $2.50 a bottle is a bargain. See my #Paris post to read how my view of #polish in this price range has changed.

On to #Kathmandu – I love this #grey #blue colour. I normally don’t like grey on my nails but I would happily wear this one. I think it would look equally as stunning as an accent nail or as a base coat for stamping. Again, just like Paris, this is lovely to apply and the brush is slightly slanted for ease of application. You really could get away with one coat. So far I’ve been really impressed with this range. For the price, you really can’t go wrong. The packaging doesn’t look cheap either. I find square bottles to have that #modern #chic look – and the branding is #bold, yet at the same time #understated – I am more than happy to proudly display this polish on my #nailpolishrack . If I have to pick one thing that I’m not happy with, and really, I’m grasping here, is the lid. It comes with one of those square ones and I find them annoying. But, as I said, I’m grasping. It’s really not an issue.

You can pick this collection up at #PriceLine

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