Virtual Tour Dates

I'm hitting the virtual road and would love for you to join me! New dates are being added as they are confirmed.

October 22: Linda Nittingale
October 23: Sharon Buchbinder
October 23: Marin K. Ritter
October 24: Word Wranglers
October 26: Where the Story Comes First
October 26: Katherine Grey

October 26: Nikki Andrews 
October 26: Writers and Authors
October 27: Urban Girl Reader 
October 27: Finding The Write Words
October 27: Charlotte Copper
October 28: BooksChatter
October 28: Marlow Kelly

October 28: Mary Morgan
October 29: 3 Partners in shopping, Nana, Mommy, and Sissy, Too!
October 29: Yeah Books!
October 29: Sandra Dailey

October 30: Joanne Guidoccio
October 30: Jen's Reading Obsession
November 2: Unabridged Andra's 
November 2: Straight from the Library
November 2: Hope. Dreams. Life... Love
November 3: Peggy Jaeger
November 3: DesireMeOnly
November 4: Book-o-Craze
November 5: Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews 
November 6: Barara Bettis' Book Corner 
November 9: Romance Novel Giveaways 
November 9: The Snarkology
November 9: A Writer's Life
November 10: Christine Young
November 10: Anna Durand

November 11: The Reading Addict
November 12: Buried Under Romance
November 12: Barbara Edwards Comments

November 13: Queen of the Night Reviews 
November 13: Two Ends of the Pen
November 16: Jana Richards 
November 16: LibriAmoriMiei
November 16: Welcome to My World of Dreams
November 17: Mixed Book Bag 
November 18: Read, Write, Repeat
November 18 Reviews by Crystal 
November 19: Archaeolibrarian - I dig good books!
November 20: Rachel Brimble Romance

November 23: Angela Hayes
November 23: One Book Shy of a Full Shelf
November 26: History Imagined
November 27: Calisa Rhose

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