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The Otherling by Heather M. Walker #Paranormal #romance

Heather M. Walker will be awarding a hand painted set of two wine glasses, painted to resemble stained glass and a ten card tarot reading (US/Canada only) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

If your book was made into a movie, who would you like to see play the main characters? I have played with this idea a lot. I would love to see my book become made into a movie, not only would that be an honor and a dream come true, but I honestly think it wuld make an amazing movie. I would love to see the CGI on it.

I think the actress how played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies, Evanna Lynch, would make a fantastic Annaleah Grace. I also think that Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays the kahleesi in the much loved TV series Game Of Thrones, would be an amazing actress to play Annaleah. I think it would be so fitting that the mother of dragons would play someone with Annaleah’s intense character.

I’m not really sure who would play Uncle John, or Seth, even though I have given it quite some thought. Uncle John is special to me, and I don’t want to see just anyone given the role. I’m also not sure who could play Seth, but I’m pretty sure I wont have to worry about it unless Stephen Spielburg happens to read my book (how awesome would that be, though?)

For Sebastian, again, I don’t want it to be just anyone. I don’t want a popular actor to get his role based solely on the fact that they are a popular actor. I think as far as looks go though, a young Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails hits it pretty much on the head. Should trent ever want to start an acting career, and wear a long black wig, I think he would do a smashing job at being the Professor, based in the integrity and intensity of his music and lyrical abilities.

How do you come up with the titles of your books? I think I have had the title of the book worked out way before the book itself came to be. I think “The Otherling” came about a little bit based on the spirits of the “otherkin”. Though Annaleah is not an otherkin, she is a creature one and to herself.

Sometimes the name of the story, novella or novel wont come to me until much after the work is done, and others I have the title first. It is a different process for everything I write. The title must sum up the entire story, and sometimes that can be a very hard thing to do. It is important, though, and it must be done right.

What does your writing space look like? Right now my L shaped desk is tucked away in the corner of our living room. This whole space is saturated with my energy, it is my one area in the house that is mostly mine. Though I do share my computer with my family, this is where I spend most of my time during the day, writing, doing research, checking on my friends through Facebook, or answering emails. Right now I have tons of crystals on it, the largest of which is an amethyst about 8 inches long and 4 inches high. I have beta quarts, poppy jasper, fairy quarts, a titanium druzy, peacock ore, and many, many more crystals. I have three bells which I use for spell work and celebrations, such as calling to the fairies with my daughter on Beltane. I have ritually infused sprays for spiritual protection, creativity and good dreams. I have a David Bowie dressed as Jareth candle in the style of the prayer candles you can buy at most stores. I have an amazing array of pens of every color (I am somewhat of a pen fanatic). I have several notebooks, a date book, address book, a thesaurus, dictionary, candles, home phone and a huge bag of dried sage complete with turkey feather and shell. I also have an exquisite desktop stained glass lamp to give me a subtle light at night when I write. I have a special love for stained glass.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing? I love crafting. I love mostly to paint on glass to make it look like stained glass. I have special paints and tools to do this. It took me ages to get the hang of how to do so, but it was well worth my time. I have an adoration for glass as a medium. I do have a lampworking kit, though my home at this time does not have a high enough ceiling for me to be working with a blowtorch, I do hope to one day be able to work with it. I also aspire one day to be a stained glass artist who cuts and mixes my own glass colors, and welds my own leading. I would l also love to learn how to make blown glass.

I also love reading, watching horror movies, and spending time with my family.

What is your favorite color? It is a three way tie. Indigo, periwinkle and cobalt blue. Mostly though, indigo.

What is your favorite pleasure food? Right now it is a recipe for “Crack brownies” that I have modified. I replaced the peanuts with marshmallows and it has made a huge difference. They are called crack brownies for a good reason; they are addictive. I have eaten almost half a pan in one day before. They make me happy.

For a meal, I would say buttered crab legs with a side of asparagus with honey over it and and mashed potatoes that my husband makes with sour cream and cilantro . Oh my gosh yummy!

What is your favorite season? I adore Autumn. The changes of Mother earth in her wardrobe is amazing. She adorns herself with a myriad of colors, the million colors of the leaves, their last hurrah before they tuble to the ground and are shed for the winter. I love the smell of fires burning in hearths, wearing long cardigans in the colors of fall, and bringing out my tall boots. I love along brisk walk outside and then coming in to drink hot cocoa with my daughter. Oh, and lets not forget Halloween!

What is your favorite TV show? I love Ghost Adventures and American Horror Story. I would love to go on a lockdown with Zak, Aaron and Billy. I have gone on a few ghost hunts myself, and have gotten some pretty amazing pictures. I also love AHS, it pushes the envelope and the acting is amazing. Jessica Lange is just beyond words talented. I just love her.

What is your favorite movie? I have tow, but my absolute favorite movie is Labyrinth. This is the movie that introduced me to David Bowie and made me fall in love with him. I am still mourning his death. His music is my favorite in the world. I love that he was the Goblin King, no one could have done it like Bowie. They had considered making both Sting and Michael Jackson play the roles of Jareth, and how different would the movie have been if they had been chosen? I love the imagination put into this movie.

There is also a movie I adore called “Ink” that deals a lot with dreams. I believe it is on Netflix. For me, it was a very emotional movie, and had an ending I didn’t see coming at all. It is one of a kind for sure, and one I recommend to absolutely everyone to watch.

Who is your favorite actor? Well, I know Bowie is mostly considered a musician, but he was also a highly talented actor with many movies under his belt. The Man Who Fell To Earth anyone? No one could have played Thomas Newton like he did. He owned that role. The Hunger? Bowie vampire? Yes please.

I also have a lot of respect for Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Walkin, and Johnny Depp.

What is your favorite song? For the past few years, it has been the Bauhaus version of a Dead can dance song, “Severance.” The vocal range and just the intesity of the sound of Peter Murphy’s voice moves me to my core. I like riding on the waves of peter’s voice. It is an absolutely emotional and pleasant experience for me. I believe the studio version, my favorite version, is on youtube if anyone is interested. This was also Annaleha’s power song in my novel, “The Otherlilng.”

What is your favorite comfort attire? Haha, don’t get me started! I have recently discovered the jot of a line of clothes called LulaRoe. My middle school friend Shawni, introduced me to it through her Facebook page. I bought a pair of leggings and I have been addicted to LulaRoe ever since. What is LulaRoe? It is a line of the world’s most comfortable clothing. For me, being comfortable in my clothes is more important than style, but the great thing about LulaRoe is that I get to be super cute, on trend, on point in the fashion world, AND comfortable at the same time. There is something amazing that happens when you’re both comfortable and wearing something that is super cute. I felt it the first time I wore a pair of leggings. It uplifts your spirit. It has created a massive, almost cult like following of loyal customers not just because it is cute and comfortable, but because when you feel comfortable, and you know you look cute, it empowers you. It lifts up your self esteem and makes you feel confident. I haven’t felt so pretty just by wearing an item of clothing in my life. They are made to fit every woman, no matter race, height, or weight. Everyone looks good in these clothes, and everyone rejoices that you can wear it to the office and not want to change the second you come in from work into something more comfortable the second you come home for work. It works for the office, for school, for date night. It has so many prints and styles that everyone can find something they love.

I actually fell so in love with LuLaRoe that I help consultants to sell it. I have my own page of Facebook where I host online pop up parties to help spread the love of Lularoe to as many people as I can. I would LOVE to have everyone reading this join my page. I will work with you individually to help you find your perfect outfit. Please look up “Heather The happy Hostetess” on Facebook and join my page. Come see what all the fuss is about.

What books might we find on your bedside table? Right now you would find “The Drowning Girl” by Caitlyn R Kiernan, which is what I just starting reading not too long ago. You would also find various books on dreaming, neuro linguistic programming, and a book and journal about writing down your soul. There is a lamp I made out of a wine bottle and alcohol ink, and an alarm clock.

Describe yourself in three words: Silly, imaginative, emotional

In the deep south of Doltree, Georgia, not everything is what is seems. Long accustomed to life as an outcast, the beautiful and demure Annaleah Grace has learned to stand apart from the crowd with dignity. Being the daughter of a white witch and a white witch herself, living in a town of devout Christians, has earned her more than a few raised eyebrows.

When she meets the handsome, yet snarky, Professor Bainbridge with whom she will be teaching at the local University, everything in her life abruptly changes. Something about him seems intimately familiar to her in a way she can’t totally identify. Even though he’s brusque and intimidating, Annaleah is drawn by his otherworldly eyes and foreign mannerisms.

With the help of angels, both Holy and fallen, she discovers just how unique she truly is. Dreams become a meeting place between this reality and the next, and Professor Sebastian Bainbridge’s true identity is revealed.

When her dreams begin to be more than dreams and she wakes up with Georgia red clay she walked through during a nightmare still wet on her feet, Annaleah knows something intense and powerful is going on, and that somehow, Professor Bainbridge is part of it. She is determined to embrace the profound destiny that awaits her and the Professor, even if that means taking up a sword to fight the Devil himself.

Deep in the infernal glow of Hell’s belly, the Old Ones began to stir. Called forth out of a dreamless slumber by a growing sense of tension, where they had remained undisturbed for millennia, they awakened. Languidly they spread their scarred, battered wings and stretched their crooked limbs as their ancient eyes began to open. A growing sense of tension and unease began as a subtle stirring in the air and rose until it permeated Hell, down to the chambers in which they had slept undisturbed for millennia. Anger at being disturbed rose like bile in their throats. Ancient mouths filled with rows of hooked fangs yawned and snarled. Yet the Wise Ones knew, it had been no creature of Hell that had summoned them, no foolish mortal in the land of the Above that had recited age old incantations of beckoning. Things in the land of the Above were changing, shifting the balance of Good and Evil towards the powers of the Light. Narrowing newly opened eyes, the daemons concentrated and followed the signature of energy to its source in the world of mortals. The hideous ones smelled this change with flared nostrils, letting it fill their rotten lungs until it burst forth into their minds with a certain knowing.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Heather was born into a military family, and has lived everywhere from Mountain Home, Idaho, to a small town in England called Bloxham. She eventually settled down In LaGrange, Georgia with her partner of 15 years, Billy, her 7 year old daughter Makaylah, and her 4 indoor cats. She considers herself first and foremost, a mother. She enjoys being a writer, a jeweler, a glass artist, a painter, and avid crafter. It has been her life long dream to publish a book, and she has lovingly worked on “The Otherling” in its various stages for almost 3 years. Heather loves to read, mostly horror, fantasy and occult books. She studies angelology, mysticism, Wicca, psychology and the human mind. Her writing goal is to create a book that comes to life in her reader’s hands and minds, and places them there in the middle of the story. It is her deepest wish that “The Otherling”, as well as her other written works, will accomplished this, and make a home in the hearts of all those who read her words.




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