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Author Q&A: L.C Alleyne

Hi Louise, and thank you for having me on your blog today!
So, a little bit about me. I’m a full time corporate employee by day and a writer by night and any time I can squeeze in words. Right now, I’m on a fantasy romance kick because I love the idea of creating relationships with men and women with mythological backgrounds. I don’t know—when I watch movies like Beauty and the Beast, and magical worlds like Harry Potter, I always wonder ‘what would it be like to live in a world like that?’
Dragons are my current love. Who wouldn’t want to date a guy who can fly, right?
If your book were made into a movie, who would you want to play your main characters? Wow! If I was lucky enough for that? Let’s see: Eva would be played by Lupita Nyong'o. She’s very intelligent, curious, and loves exploring history and discovering its secrets. Balthazar would be played by Henry Cavill. He’s dashing, debonair, a gentleman. Ti is the older brother. He’s a bit arrogant, hot-headed and proud of his dragon heritage. Daniel Craig would fit perfectly in Ti’s role. Lan is the youngest. I haven’t fully developed his personality, but in my book, he’s seen as the level-headed brother, but has a good sense of humour. I think Chris Hemsworth would play a great Lan. As for Thorsson, Balthazar’s employee and friend, all I can see in my mind is Alexander Skarsgaard, but that’s not a bad thing!
Oh my God, having these men act in my movie? I’d be at the movie set every damn day! J
How do you come up with the titles of your books? Titles are the HARDEST. I don’t care what anyone says! I try to create mine based on the theme of the story. In Balthazar’s case, he lost a dragon scale and remained permanently shifted in human form. If he found his scale, he’d be ‘reborn’, being able to shift into a dragon again. That’s how I figured this one out.
What does your writing space look like? It’s in my bedroom because it’s the only quiet place in my home. But it’s not the best place, because my bed is RIGHT THERE and I want to take naps, lol. I have a computer hutch, so I have everything in there. But it’s a huge piece of furniture. I’d like to get a wide flat desk in the future.
Everything also has to be organized. If it’s messy, my mind’s on cleaning it up instead of writing, so I keep it all neat and tidy
What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing? Reading! I still love my paperbacks. I do have a Kobo e-reader, but paperbacks still have my love. Watching old movies. There’s a ‘richness’ to them that I don’t see in a lot of the recent movies. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned. I like to exercise, but I’m not doing enough (I know, who complains about NOT doing enough exercise?). I used to lift weights a lot, and would like to get back into that. Right now, it’s a lot of walking, which is great as it gets me outside to witness the changing of the seasons.
What is your favourite colour? Blue; any shade. Mom used to tease me that blue was a boy’s colour. I grew up a tomboy, so I guess it was okay!
What is your favourite pleasure food? Chocolate, hands down, no question.
What is your favourite season? Summer. I know people complain about the heat, but I love it. I live in Canada where, I swear, it’s winter for six months of the year. Bring on the heat, I say! As for the humidity? Stay home, you’re not welcome here, lol.
What is your favourite television show? That’s a hard one. Bruce Springsteen wrote a song called “57 channels and Nothing’s On” – how right he was! There have been so many shows I enjoyed the first season of, only to be disappointed when season 2 didn’t live up to its expectations. I actually stopped watching TV shows because I was frustrated with the lack of creativity (I don’t like reality shows). I’d have to say Sherlock. I’ve been a Sherlock fan all of my life. Now if they can just get Season 4 on television anytime this century!
What is your favourite movie? I have a lot of favourite movies :P But a movie I would watch over and over again? Lord of the Rings, no argument. I am NEVER bored of this movie. It’s a masterpiece.
Who is your favourite actor? Man, you ask some tough questions! There are a lot of actors I like because their portrayal of a favourite book or comic character is spot on. But I’ve got to go with Benedict Cumberbatch. His versatility is amazing; from Sherlock to sci-fi baddie Khan in Star Trek into Darkness, to Dr. Strange? And playing Hamlet in live theatre, which I had the absolute pleasure of watching in person? Yeah, this guy—and his voice! Hot damn.
What is your favourite song? I have to be honest; I can’t nail down one song. I grew up during the disco era, so love a lot of songs from that time. Earth, Wind and Fire and the Jacksons are my favourite groups.
What is your favourite comfort clothing attire? During the summer months, a shoulder strap dress. It’s loose and light. During the winter, a soft comfy sweatshirt and yoga pants.
What books might we find on your bedside table? Gosh, I have a little bit of everything! Most of my books are fantasy. Right now I’m reading the Elantra Series by Michelle Sagara. Long, complex and fascinating. These are best read in paperback. I also have romantic suspense stories on my Kobo e-reader. Currently I’m reading DRIVE by Sidney Bristol, and loving it.
Describe yourself in three words. Funny, honest, creative.


Balthazar Andal lost his dragon scale centuries ago in a fight against his brother, shifting him permanently into a human. He has spent decades searching for it to no avail. As a wealthy business investor, he uses his financial influence to bring in archeological groups to assist in his search. Without the scale, he barely controls his dragon spirit Bal, who threatens to overpower him. If Balthazar is not careful in maintaining his restraint, they’ll die.
Archeologist Eva Haraldsdóttir discovers an Icelandic artifact that Balthazar Andal is very interested in, and during a charity event, she explains its importance. Eva is intrigued by Mr. Andal’s knowledge of history, and even more so with the handsome businessman.
An unexpected assault on her life propels Eva into Balthazar’s world of ancient folklore and disturbing legends. The strange noises coming from his basement reveals a truth that Eva never expects, and she must decide—either run away and allow Balthazar to fade into myth, or overcome her instinctive fears to help him reclaim his true identity.
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