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Conjuring Zephyr by D. Lieber #Fantasy #Romance

D. Lieber will be awarding a handmade bookmark (International Giveaway) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

If your book were made into a movie, who would you want to play your main characters? I didn’t have actors in mind while writing Conjuring Zephyr. I probably wouldn’t cast any big names. Capturing the characters’ essences is more important than casting big names to me.

How do you come up with the titles of your books? Usually I choose the main action or a description of the main characters. Kai’s quest in Conjuring Zephyr is to create air using magic.

What does your writing space look like? I like to move around. I have a little lap table that I move between the couch, the bed, and the floor.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing? Watching television, reading, listening to music, crafting, hiking, and tons more, My hobbies list makes me look boring, if only you were there for our steampunk meetings…we seem so normal on the outside…lurking among you.

What is your favourite color? Green. It’s a cool color that also feels warm.

What is your favourite pleasure food? I like food combinations. Popcorn and root beer. Pumpkin pie and apple cider. Potato chips and French onion dip.

What is your favourite season? Autumn. The weather is nice, and the colors are beautiful. I hate hot weather, but I don’t really mind the cold. I’d rather deal with snow and ice than anything over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Too bad the American Midwest has both extremes.

What is your favourite television show? I have too many. Right now, I’m rewatching Supernatural. I love anime and Korean Drama. Crunchyroll and Dramafever are my friends. Television is a terrible distraction for me as a writer. I wish I had the willpower to throw it away. On the other hand, I can get so caught up in a storyline that my brain needs a break to work out inconsistencies or which direction to go next. Television is a wonderful tool to take my mind off my own story and let my subconscious work it out. The answers always come to me eventually.

What is your favourite movie? I love all kinds of movies. I’m a regular fangirl. The last movie I watched that made my heart ache was Casablanca. I’d seen bits of it, but I finally sat down and watched the entire film a few weeks ago. It was truly epic. On the flip side, there are tons of good-looking movies coming out in 2017. I’m excited about the new Star Wars film as well as Wonder Woman. But when it was announced that a live-action version of Fullmetal Alchemist was releasing in Japan in December, I couldn’t help but squeal with joy. My dog, Samwise, ran around the house with me in joyous celebration as the cat, Yin, watched us with less than amused eyes.

Who is your favourite actor? There are so many good actors, and choosing definitely depends on the genre. I watch a lot of movies: comedy, drama, romance, classic, fantasy, action, foreign, musical. The list is a long one. How about I name one actor in a few of the above genres? Comedy: Jim Carrey, Drama: Russell Crowe, Classic: Cary Grant, Action: Harrison Ford, Foreign: Shah Rukh Khan, Musical: Gene Kelly

What is your favourite song? These are really difficult questions. I love rock, oldies, easy listening, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Loreena McKennitt, Fall Out Boy… The list is long. I need to break it down again. A song that always makes me happy: December, 1963 by The Four Seasons. Makes me sing along: Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. Makes me dance: Cartouche by Blackmore’s Knight. Makes my heart ache: Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. Made me discover my love for music: Runaway by Del Shannon. Made me love hair metal: Your Mama Don’t Dance by Poison. Made me love crooners: That’s Amore by Dean Martin

What is your favourite comfort clothing attire? I like fuzzy socks. It’s like warm clouds on your feet, or Elmo. It’s what a kitten lying on your feet would feel like, except they don’t purr.

What books might we find on your bedside table? A classic like Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. A romance like Black Dagger Brotherhood by J. R. Ward. A tarot card layout and interpretation book. I like the one that comes with the Mystic Dreamer Tarot Deck

Describe yourself in three words. Friend, Laugher, Seeker

Retreating underground to escape a devastating ice age, humans build a new society. When magic is discovered and harnessed for survival, the citizens of Terrenus establish theories and principles of how to use it.

Kai Stephenson is determined to prove magical principles aren’t set in stone. Having lost her younger brother in a tragic accident, she will ensure such accidents never harm anyone else. She enrolls at the most elite university to gain the knowledge she needs to achieve her goal. Overconfident that living as a boy at an all-boys university will only be a minor inconvenience, Kai is convinced her classmates will never discover that she’s a woman. After all, women aren’t capable of higher forms of magic, and her boyish figure certainly doesn’t hurt her disguise.

Hiding her true identity becomes a problem when her new friends start to awaken her repressed sexuality.

He cleared his throat, and a bored expression slid into place. “I did well in that class. If you really can’t figure it out, I can lend my expertise.”

I smiled internally at his change in attitude. “I don’t know. Leif seems pretty confident. He will be a great tutor.”

His boredom shifted to disappointment.

“Still, you’ve already taken the class. If Leif and I need help, may we ask you?” I asked, not wanting to torment him longer. Smugness warred with boredom. I had to look away so I didn’t laugh.

Long fingers gripped my shoulders, and a face appeared close to mine over my left shoulder. A slight turn of my head revealed Des, way too close to me. “Aren’t we snuggly,” he whispered, breath hot in my ear.

I tried to shrug him off, but he held tight. His face blocked Ryn’s from my view. A look to my right showed three pissed off first-years. All three stood slowly; Reid was the one to speak. “You are going to remove your hands,” he growled.

“Why would I do that?” Des asked sweetly.

A pitcher of water from the center of the table hovered over to us and slowly poured itself over Des’ head. He shrieked and shoved it away. Flynn laughed uproariously, identifying himself as the culprit. Des turned his fury on Flynn, who ran from the room. Des followed in hot pursuit.

AUTHOR Bio and Links
D. writes stories she wants to read. Her love of the worlds of fiction led her to earn a Bachelor’s in English from Wright State University.

When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, crafting, watching anime, Korean television or old movies. She may also be getting her geek on while planning her next steampunk cosplay with friends.

She lives in Wisconsin with her husband (John), retired guide dog (Samwise) and cat (Yin).


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  1. If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

    1. All of my charcters are charming in their own ways. I could find something interesting to do with each of them. However if I had to choose only one to spend the day with, it would be Flynn. He's so spontaneous and mischievious, and just so unlike me. I have no idea what he would cook up for us to do, but you can bet it would be out there. I would love to spend the day with someone who takes the lead and pushes me out of my comfort zone. I've had friends like that, and we always had fun. The benefit with Flynn is that he wouldn't do anything to put anyone in real danger.