Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Polish Review: This Is the Mirror Ball Suit by Tatty Mule Nail Paints

***I received this product in exchange for an honest review***
This Is the Mirror Ball Suit by Tatty Mule Nail Paints
Taken from their website:
“…This is the Mirror Ball Suit is a metallic polish with silver holographic sparkle. Inspired by the ultimate ‘sunshine kid’ – Vince Noir…”
It’s no secret – I have a favourite silver polish called One, which also happens to be from Tatty Mule Nail Paints. And truthfully? I wasn’t holding out much hope of another silver polish standing up against my one true love. WRONG.
This Is the Mirror Ball Suit is like One but on steroids! I love it. Unfortunately the photos do not do it any justice. I took a close up of it (insert) to try to illustrate how sparkly, bright, rainbowy, this polish is under natural light.
Applying it is easy. You just apply using the brush – there is no need to use the sponge method as the glitters are not chunky and you get a great even colour. It goes on smoothly and dries pretty quickly too. Two coats are all you’ll need for an opaque coverage. When the polish dries, while it doesn’t dry matt, it does lose its sparkle. Apply a quick dry top coat and watch it come to life!
Would I recommend this product? Yes. Even if you already have a favourite silver polish try this one. It’s great to use as part of a nail art design or show case it all on its own. Either way, your nails will sparkle.

All Tatty Mule Nail Paints are hand mixed and 5 free - they do not contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, Camphor or TSF resin. Bottles are 12ml in size and contain 2 steel balls.
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