Monday, 2 March 2015

White Lies Our Parents Told Us...

So, it's Monday morning here and I'm snuggled up on the couch watching really bad morning TV. Yes, I should be at work, but alas I am ill and am spending the day resting.

I've just watched a funny story on 'little white lies our parents told us' and it got me thinking about the white lies my own mother told me (at the time I believed her, now I laugh - and admittedly find myself saying them to my twin niece and nephew).

So, here are some doozies my mother told me - oddly enough, most revolve around food!

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Eat the crusts it'll turn your hair curly...

While I cannot live without my InStyler, this is a blatant lie! I deliberately ate only the crusts for years, no curly hair for me! Just frizz! 



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 If you eat watermelon seeds a watermelon will grow in your belly...

I've swallowed my share of melon seeds, and while I have a belly, I seriously doubt I have a watermelon growing inside me!

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Just eat it, it's only chicken...

Yeah right! Turned out to be kidney. And it doesn't take like chicken!

Copyright: Louise Lyndon
When Mr Whippy (the ice cream truck) plays the music it means it's out of ice cream...

I'm still in therapy for this lie! Yet, I actually use this on my niece and nephew! *shame*

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 The dog went to live on a farm...

Scottie* - we still miss you!

*the photo is of an 'imitation' Scottie - no pictures survive of the real one as our house burned down when I thirteen

So, these are some of the little white lies my mother told me - why not share some of your own? And, now that you're a parent/aunt/uncle/etc, do you use any of them on the little people in your life?

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  1. Oh, Louise, I did laugh at the Mr. Whippy one--never heard that one before. I think I was too traumatized by the ones my mother told me but I do remember her saying Roy Rodgers was not on television any more…when he was, of course.

  2. I, too, love the Mr. Whippy one. I can't remember the white lies my mother told me. I'm sure there were many and I've just blocked them out.
    Thanks for the smiles

  3. A similar topic was recently discussed on a CBC radio program, but that one centred on when young children start to lie, and how it's an important developmental milestone, i.e. a good thing. The only white lie I remember hearing from my mum was when we were served rabbit stew but were told it was chicken. I fell for it, and only later was informed by my older brother that the stew was made with the rabbit my dad and uncle had hunted. I was fully aware of that rabbit, and had even witnessed the skinning of that rabbit, and I still believed my mum, LOL. (This was in Nova Scotia so the rabbit was actually a hare.)

  4. I grew up on a farm, so I was very well aware from a young age that it wasn't a good idea to make a pet out of any of the animals that would likely end up on my plate. I'm like Marlow; I can't actually remember any white lies my mother might have told me, but I'm traumatized by your story of Scottie going to living on that big farm in the sky! I hope it made you feel better!