Tuesday, 3 February 2015

BOOK BLAST: Rowena's Hellion by Velda Brotherton

Her natural beauty mesmerized him...

Loving a man damaged by war is a challenge, but Rowena was captivated from the first time she laid eyes on the man her sister was supposed to marry. Something about his haunted eyes captured her nurturing heart. When her sister runs off with an outlaw, Rowena finds herself building a life with this difficult man as she struggles to bring him peace while at the same time adjusting from an English convent to the ways of the U.S. West.

Blair Prescott fights his demons in whatever ways he can—the liquor bottle, wild rides through the night on his favorite horse, anger at anyone and everyone near him. Yet visions of his dead and dying comrades on the battlefield continue to terrorize him, and unexpected loud noises only increase his fears.  No wonder he tries to warn Rowena to stay away from   him, despite his certain attraction to her.


  1. Velda, thank you so much for appearing on my blog today. I love the premise of your book. And I absolutely love the cover! Big thumbs up.

  2. Louise, Thanks so much for having me. I too love the cover. I'll post this around.