Monday, 8 August 2016

Chi Chi

Myer had a sale and well... I kind of went mad on the #chichinailpolish - in my defense these little babies were only $2 a bottle. #bargain

However, I can't lie to you. The coverage on these particular colours isn't great. I can't comment on the other colours as I've not tried them yet. And I can't give you the name of the colours as it doesn't appear to be written on the bottle. When doing a #gradient I like to firstly paint my nails using the lightest of the gradient colours. I just could not get an opaque coverage. Even after three coats. I think if you used a white base coat and then the colour the coverage may be better.

That being said, these #nailpolishes are actually really good to do a gradient as the consistency of the #polish makes blending easy. I had no issues and only had to do two coats of the gradient.
Overall, for the price they're a good polish. I would definitely buy more.

I finished the gradient using a bundle monster stamp plate and moyou stamping polish.

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