Tuesday, 10 February 2015

BOOK BLAST: Trove by KJ Montgomery

Myths . . . Legends . . . Romance . . . Murder . . .

What happens when the history we’re told is fact turns out to be wrong?

Imagine if ancient myths and legends were true. Katie Walsh, investigative mythologist at the Nordstrom Institute, believes they are and embarks on an archaeology adventure that leads her from Boston to the enchanted Isle of Skye. She’s searching for proof of an age-old archaeological mystery that has stumped scholars and resulted in more questions than answers.

Her quest tackles one of the greatest archaeological mysteries: Atlantis. She believes the legendary civilization existed and that there were survivors who escaped its destruction. Alec MacGowan is an archaeologist and ex-lover. His quest: luring a murderer out of hiding and exacting justice for his friend.

As their quests converge, they are forced to deal with their simmering attraction and even more hidden secrets. Can they uncover the archaeological mystery hidden in the murdered man’s notes before the killer finds them in his cross-hairs?

Join Katie and Alec as they search for clues that will take you on an archaeological mystery and thriller delving into the recent past and the ancient past. Follow along in this archaeological suspense that may challenge you to question whether the history you were taught wasn’t the real truth. 

The adventure begins in Trove!


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